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 Hello World!

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Raine Dragon
Welcome to Pixel World!
Welcome to Pixel World!
Raine Dragon

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PostSubject: Hello World!   August 14th 2010, 11:08 pm

...oh, I seriously just couldn't resist. XD

I'm Raine Dragon ^_^ I pretty much use the same name everywhere; I get confused enough when other people have a million names, I don't know what I'd do if I changed my name all about. XD;

I started out working with Varus Online as an artist and then a moderator and then an Art Admin for some time before I resigned that position (though I still do an item here or there for VO when I have time... lately not so much time on my hands though) and opened Celainia.

What is there to say really? Art-wise, I mostly work in tool/soft shaded dolling and I mostly code in PHP and CGI/Perl. The non-normalized database structure of certain common phpbb avatar site mods makes me twitch. Razz

I work in a retail chain in the HR department by day (oooh, how this economy is sad...) and sometimes by evening or night too! XD; and work on Cel in my spare time.

I looooove cute fashion and fluffy dresses... my favorite color is sky blue and my favorite food is watermelon!

I'm a bit forgetful... (though I mean well!) and I never have enough time x__x;
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Razumi Yazura
Avatar Site Staff
Avatar Site Staff
Razumi Yazura

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PostSubject: Re: Hello World!   August 16th 2010, 11:42 am

**Noms on Raine.**
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Hello World!
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